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Why must I submit an architectural request?

There are many reasons to submit an architectural request form, the biggest being for your own protection. In the future, those who serve on the Board of Directors may choose to change the design guidelines. If a guideline were to change that puts you in violation, having an approved request allows you to be 'grandfathered', thus preventing you from being cited for the violation. Another reason for submitting the request is to demonstrate to other owners that you are complying with the community's architectural guidelines.

Do I need to get permits prior to any work being done?

If the work to be completed requires any permits or licenses from the city, county or state, it is your responsibility to research and obtain those permits and submit them along with an architectural request form. The Association, Board of Directors and management company are not responsible for researching or obtaining permits on behalf of the owner.

I have a question regarding a request, whom do I contact?

If you have a question about an architectural request form that you intend to submit or have already submitted, please contact the Community Manager.

I submitted an architectural request, but have not received an answer?

There are several possible reasons you may not yet have received a response regarding an architectural request form you submitted. If your request was received within days after the meeting, it could take upwards of 60 days for you to receive a response. It is also possible that your request was already reviewed and the response is being processed. If you would like an update on your request, please contact the Community Manager.

What types of changes can I make?

Generally, any change that is visible from a neighboring property, the street or a common area must be approved prior to beginning the work. It is also recommended that you check the architectural design guidelines and/or CC&R's, which contain many of the rules and guidelines regarding improvements you can make. You should review these documents and contact the Community Manager with any questions you may have. A good rule of thumb is that if you are in doubt about a change you wish to make, you should submit an architectural request form.

Can I install a satellite dish or wireless network antenna?

Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) regulations prevent an Association from prohibiting such communcation devices. However, the Association can create rules and regulations regarding its size and placement on a lot or parcel. It is strongly recommended that such devices be installed as close to the ground as possible and out of view from a neighboring property, a common area or the street. If your installation requires the device to be visible, it is recommended that you submit an architectural request form to confirm placement of your device. A dish larger than one (1) meter (39 inches) is not allowed.

Do I need approval to build a swimming pool?

If a feature of the pool (waterfall, slide, etc.) will be visible above the fence line, then you must submit an architectural request form. However, the construction of a pool may not encroach upon any common area or common wall without prior approval.

Can I expand my driveway/walkway or otherwise pour concrete in my front yard?

You must submit an architectural request form and get approval from the architectural committee prior to performing any work in your front yard. A diagram/picture should be supplied with the request showing layout/dimensions/measurements and other important information regarding the work to be completed.

Can I ...?

If you wish to make any change and that change is/will be visible from a neighboring property, a common area or the street, you should submit an architectural request form and get approval prior to beginning any work.



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