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What screen resolution should I be using to view this website?

While 800 x 600 resolution is the norm, this site is best viewed at 1024 x 768, just one step smaller than 800 x 600.

I have a news item to post!

Excellent! Having Owners participate is what this website is all about. While you can't post news items directly, the Webmaster and the Board of Directors can. If you have a newsworthy item, please send it to the Community Manager or a Board member. They will in turn determine if and how it gets posted. DO NOT send news items to the Webmaster. They will not post news items from Owners.

What can I put on the calendar?

Anything. Well, almost. We've allowed Owners to add events to the calendar to help make this a community website. If you're having a block watch meeting, garage sale, candle party, BBQ or other event where the community can participate, by all means, post it. Please note that all events are subject to review and removal.

I submitted a web link, but it doesn't show up?

Don't fret! Your link has been submitted to the Webmaster, who will review the website and either approve the link or delete it. We want to make sure inappropriate material doesn't find its way onto this website. In addition, we do not allow businesses to post links to their websites unless the Board of Directors has approved this policy.

I have an idea for a poll!

If you have a poll question that you feel will benefit the entire Association, please email the Webmaster.

I can see my lot number and address! I thought this information was confidential?

It is confidential, we promise. Since this is your information, you can see it as can the Webmaster and the Community Manager. No other user can see this information. You can see this by clicking on another registered user. Their information is not visible to you.

Why can't I vote in polls?

Only registered users can vote in polls (so as to prevent spoofing of results). If you have registered and still cannot vote then you probably do not have appropriate access rights or there is an error. Please contact the Webmaster.



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