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How do I send a private message?

There are two ways to send a private message to another registered user. You can go to your account page and click "Inbox" and then "Send" on the private message page. Simply select the user you wish to send a private message to from the drop down list. You may also do a search by clicking the "Members" link on the menu and then the "PM" button next to the user you wish to message.

I cannot send private messages!

There are three reasons for this: you are not registered and/or not logged in, the Webmaster has disabled private messaging for the entire Board or the Webmaster has prevented you from sending messages. If it is the later case you should try asking the Webmaster why.

I keep getting unwanted private messages!

If you keep receiving unwanted private messages from another user, please contact the Webmaster immediately. They have the power to deal with this type of situation.

I have received a spamming or abusive email from someone on this website!

Please contact the Webmaster immediately with a full copy of the email you received. It is very important to include the headers (these list details of the user that sent the email). They can then take action.

Why can't I send a private message to the Community Manager?

The Community Manager is busy managing your community. Since the manager may not check messages frequently, we wouldn't want your message sit unanswered for any length of time. If you require assistance or have a question for the manager, please send them an e-mail or call them.



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